Consolation after Desolation (How my week went and how God delivered me)


The dark nights will make you wander of how do light dawns every day. Going through hell is necessary to crave and wonder what life lies in heaven.


This week had been so tough. If I may put it, the toughest of them all in this year. I may have had lots of sleepless and tearful nights. That was just it. But this week, to the point of going through hell (desolation) and would even love to stay in there. I have had lost the eagerness to rise up, to detach and give up on things that used to be so important to me, to be blinded in order not to see the people who are dear to me, and to just delve into the realm of my negativities.

Such feelings or outburst of emotions, for being in the situation, is all due to this so-called rotunda, an unending dwelling of what is not helpful for oneself and to many in general. My actions weren’t consistent with my words, again, and again. With which, it led others to be confusion, doubt, disappointment, and mistrust. Such I great withdrawal in my personal and relationship bank account. If others have felt that, I was the one who felt it at first. That because of it, I wanted to give up on myself. I wanted to stop doing what I used to love to do, first and foremost, to share the joy of the Gospel, the mission. I lost the enthusiasm and meaning to share. I was lost. I was really confused. All I can see in myself is a crying baby, helpless, good-for-nothing – self-pity.

As I always remember (and being reminded of), that the worst times in our life is the best time to be at the feet of Jesus, our loving, faithful, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving God. And so, I did.
It was very promising. By the time that I said to myself “stop”, it was then the time that He said, “Keep on.” And He continued, “This is not your battle anymore. It is mine that you have to fight for. Keep your eyes on me. Pause if you need to, but don’t stop.” Those words were very heartwarming and assuring. Indeed, it is not my battle anymore. it is not about myself, my plans, my will, my desire, but His. There is nothing for me to boast or to call my own. Simply because, there is nothing for me to call my own. As St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, “But you do not live as your human nature tells you to; instead, you live as the Spirit tells you to…(c.8, v.9)”
It was then in these words that reminded me that going through hell in one’s life is needed. And in order to go out from it is to keep walking, to ‘go though’ it. Just enjoy the view. But don’t stop. Just keep walking. Keep moving. Don’t lose sight of Jesus’ promises on your life. Don’t lose sight of what have been manifested in your life.

Such experience might be superficial. Is such conversation exists? Yes, it does. And would always will for any heart who seeks and longs for consolation.
Those words have had been shown into His not-so-unusual yet profound ways. God manifests or disguises Himself through the people we meet every day (or even not), or through the songs we listen to, or books we read.
During those desolating times, He used people both ways: as a strong reminder or reprimand and as an assurance. We need some awakening in us by the words of people who cares for us. Their loving and strong words are needed to make us sure that we will be back on the right track. A brother who is dear to me, whom I have asked for feedbacks, gave me those reminders and in a way reprimands, with which I value really. I did not rebut anymore. I just listen (read the messages). I accepted it.
Some have had expressed their support through their prayers and words of assurance. Heart-melting words such as, “We will always be here for you bro”, “Remember you are loved”, “You are in our prayers”, and others. Wow! Where can you find such brothers and sisters on earth? That is really the gift of community, a family, not by blood but relates with one another thicker than that.
The week ended with striking and moving words through the homily and our session with Medical Mission Sisters: “Service always entails sacrifices”, “If we really love, we go beyond”, and my personal mission statement, “In omnibus amare et servire.” In my amazement, I placed a deep sigh and smile on my face. I said to myself, “Thank you Lord for speaking, again and again. You always put me in awe of your love, faithfulness, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.”

Many realizations and learnings come with amazing, disturbing, distracting, life-changing situations. The times where we find ourselves at the feet of Jesus. The times where the only way out is to go through it, face everything, and man-up to things. The dark times where we can appreciate the light that is ever present in our lives. The times where Jesus amazes you more of His profound and wonderful ways. A decision has been made and been praying for it, and even ask others to pray for it. And now, that am back on my feet, the mission continues.
Well, that was the story. For sure this will not be the only week or time that I will be in such situation. It may be a different life-changing story again, but, such experience of assurance, of consolation will always come after desolation. It was worth taking. And God will always deliver me through it.
God is real.
He is alive.
He speaks.
He knocks.
He waits.
He assures.
He loves.
He comforts.
He moves.
He forgives.
God be praised always! All for the Lord!

“Because of his affliction he shall see the light in fullness of days; through his suffering, my servant shall justify many, and their guilt he shall bear.” Isaiah 53:11


Following Jesus will Never Be Easy.

Following Jesus will Never Be Easy. (July 2, 2018)


Today, I found myself physically exhausted (in a way, mentally too). There is a need to work on important (and some urgent) matters that are expected of me. I am not complaining. I am joyful in doing these things. In addition to it, the lack of enough sleep. So, I am tired but not totally. I can still smile, talk to people, and able to teach with enthusiasm. Giving my all for today.

The Gospel today talks about ‘the would-be followers of Jesus’ (Matthew 8:18-22). Jesus shows the [some] reality of what it would entail being a follower of Him. “Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lie down and rest (Mat.8:20).” “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead (Mat.8:22).”

Following Jesus had never been easy, and will never be. It will never be if we keep on holding on to the things that he wants us to give up. Often, it arises from our own desires. If we want to follow Him, it would mean forgetting ourselves that we may find it in Him, desiring His great desires for us, and obeying what He wills for us. It is more ongoing against our human tendencies.

As we commit ourselves to follow Him, day-by-day that commitment will be challenged. But, day-by-day, His promise of renewal is freely given to us, even without asking. In its simplest form, the LIFE we have as we open our eyes in the morning.

Will you still commit yourself to follow Him whenever:

– things won’t go your way?

– you are physically exhausted?

– you are broken hearted or deeply in pain?

– you are financially broken or business is going downhill?

– your prayer time seems to be so dry and God is quite?

– you are overwhelmed with the insecurities kept hidden inside?


Will you?

If yes, then welcome to the club. You are not alone in this battle. Remember your reasons, back then, why you followed Him. Or, if you are about to make such commitment, be not afraid. Cling on to people who cling on to Him. Hold on to His promises to you. Be surprised on what is yet to come.

Be encouraged and be inspired to keep on!

Have a restful night igsuon ko!


“He that offers praise as a sacrifice glorifies the Lord, and to him, that goes the right way I will show the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23



Mercy vs Judgmental

Mercy vs Judgmental


“Do not judge, so that you may not be judged.” Matthew 7:1

Judging others is a human tendency, as what some experts will say. We may not say it often, or the sad thing, not being aware of it. But in our minds, we come up with opinions and conclusion towards a person. One of the forms of judging others is in giving our not-so-good impressions towards other people, or a given situation. Some keep it to themselves to avoid misinterpretations then misunderstandings.

In the Gospel today, Jesus reminds us of the importance of being merciful rather than being judgmental. Being judgmental often pierces to the very being of a person that leads to a wrangle between the two, and sometimes, low self-esteem. But being merciful is when we become compassionate and forgiving in the opinions we give. We look into ourselves first before we give our opinion towards others.

In the society today, the conspicuousness of being judgmental can be seen in the news, social media, and even to casual conversations. What the society needs now are Christians (people) who look at people in the lens of mercy rather than its opposite. People who are merciful and slow to judge.

In the end, judging others is not our role. It is the role of our Father. But even He Himself looks at us with mercy. Imagine if He passes on His judgment to us. We know ourselves, our wrongdoings, that we are worthy of judgment. Yet, God is merciful, compassionate, and forgiving, which all boils out to HIS GREAT LOVE FOR EACH OF US.

Now! Me? You? Will I choose to be judgmental or to be merciful?

Have a great day igsuon!



Start Strong, Finish Stronger.


IMG_20171124_112640.jpgA School Year End Reflection


Life of a teacher almost always entails deeper understanding, longer patience, and greater sacrifices towards lessons and students. Much of it requires shorter sleep, making use of the weekends to prepare for the following week’s lessons, and bringing home papers to check.

Aside from the practicalities of a teacher’s life, other aspects need attention. I need to see the growth of my students in terms of their learnings in class, even looking at their personal growth as an individual and as a person who will eventually be playing an important role in the community that he/she belongs for the generation to come. [paragraphs from my Black Saturday reflection]

School Year 2017-2018 had been mind-boggling to always have an end in mind (habit 2), a tough tests of prioritizing (habit 3), full of discussions to have win-win (habit 4), and took times to listen to students (habit5). In short, tremendously wanting-to-end-it-immediately challenging school year. I remember I kept on counting how many more months, weeks, and days left before this ends.

I started the year with all the vigor and zeal towards teaching and the learning process. I was so excited to start implementing the plans planned during the summer. I was thinking this school year will be relaxing due to fewer activities compared to the previous school years. There will be fewer things that I will be dealing with despite the new subjects I will be teaching, namely, General Physics 1 and General Chemistry 1. Wow! These subjects will be my new major field now. So, during the summer, I spent more time in studying the subjects, helping myself to be prepared for the school year.

But those vigor and zeal slowly fade away as I started to traverse the year. I was caught with the daily grind, my studying with the subjects including the preparations of the materials needed, deliver it in class, then plan again for the following week. Also, I am playing a role in the movement where I serve that I need to oversee too. I lost my grip on the important matters that I needed to do. I failed to submit the necessary documents on time. I was not that creative in my delivery of each of the lessons day-by-day. A lot of times I compromised my lesson plans and that includes my health. I began to be sickly. I visited the doctor twice last year and had medications to take.

With these experiences, I learned and pondered upon three things: a) importance of always having an end in mind, b) knowing and acting upon my priorities, and c) to trust myself and others.

Have an End in Mind

Having a goal, a vision of what we want to achieve in life is essential. As I have gotten from Stephen Covey, “People don’t achieve what they want to achieve because they don’t know what to achieve.” Last school year was like that. There were several times when I jumped in the class without full vision or unclear goals on what to achieve in class. I just got inside the classroom and discussed what I usually do. I submitted lesson plans with not so clear goals. I ended up unsatisfied with my teaching.

On one hand, with my personal life, I failed in this one also. I have been strolling and enjoying so much the journey, and just living always at the present. I mean, I did not mind much the future, what I wanted to achieve or to be with my life. For example, if I will be for married life, I did not plan for some practical matters such as finances. I have thought about finances but not on that state of life.

Now, I realized how important it is. I have been learning the 7 Habits since it was introduced to me back the summer of 2012, but still, I haven’t applied it yet, fully, in my life. I need to start minding the essentials of my life. I need to see to it that the upcoming school year, I will always have a better plan for every lesson I will undertake. To help me out, I need to always check the essentiality of the objectives of what I am teaching, and even learning. I need to think ahead always maybe 5 sessions ahead or more.

Knowing and Acting on my Priorities

In order for me to be successful in the plans set, knowing that being a teacher is my priority, I need to act on it or else I will only be daydreaming or hallucinating. As Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

Having a bunch of things in mind last year, I really lost the grip of my priorities in life. I was at a crossroads every day, especially the latter part of the second quarter and early part of fourth quarter. Those were the times when I failed to submit the required format of lesson plans. I failed to follow up the Feedbox Reflections of my students. I may be passionate about my teaching. But in terms of what is being asked of me, as a teacher/employee, I failed.

The good thing about being in this school is to have a leader who will be there to remind me of my priorities since I lost it. I remember she said, “Find your center teacher.” After that, I was able to gain confidence to rise up and keep going.

I realized that it is very difficult to keep on rowing in this journey without knowing where to go and the ability to row. Plans will be useless if I won’t be able to know what is it for if they are needed, and if it’s my priority. Since I knew, then actions are required of me. There were times that I fell as I keep on rowing. But, what matters the most was that I learned from that experience. Such experience is not worth doing again.

Now, am slowly applying it by mainly focusing on what is needed to be done in school as the next school year is about to come.

Trust Yourself and Others

One of the battles I faced last school year was that I relied on myself so much and forgot that I have other people with me; other people whom I can depend on. Because I wanted to do all things the best way possible, according to my own narrow mind, I did almost all rather than delegating. It only shows that I was overconfident that I can do it, relying and trusting only myself. Because of it, I ended up unsatisfied and also, I gave an impression that I did not trust others.

Those actions of mine made me realized that I was leaning too much on my own understanding hindering God to work in me and others to grow. I need to be disabled too to enable others (Ms.Ching). Moreover, some coordination by the subject teachers will be done by themselves. My task will be for documentation purposes so as to avoid confusions in the given instructions. With these, I can focus more on my own work, my priorities, and plans.


It is always best to look back, ponder, learn, and apply in order to progress in my own capacity, as a teacher, and as a person. This summer, I am more determined to focus on the essentials, to check the areas where I have failed and missed, and to improve the way I plan, I prioritize, and execute. Also, this will be the time to find my center. A time that will help me determine my rate of success for the upcoming school year.

I wanted to become ‘a good teacher that can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning’ (Brad Henry). In order for me to do this, I need to keep doing and improving the good things I have been doing such as being passionate with my teaching and the genuine care of the learning of the students. I will emphasize values more rather than purely math concepts.

With my hopes and prayers, paired with determined actions, I would be able to start the next school year strong and finish it much stronger. And it should begin this summer.



Forget. Carry. Follow.


A Reflection on Matthew 16:24-26

Being a shepherd entails forgetting oneself, carrying up one’s crosses, and following the Lord. There is a constant need to forget my own agenda, to always take part in carrying my own crosses and the burden of others, ensuring that they may find Jesus in themselves, and to continue in following Him no matter what the circumstance is.

“Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any of you want to come with me, you must forget yourself, carry your cross, and follow me. For if you want to save your own life, you will lose it; but if you lose your life for my sake, you will find it. Will you gain anything if you win the whole world but lose your life? Of course not!~ Matthew 16:24-26

Forget Yourself

I was asking myself the meaning of the phrase, ‘you must forget yourself’. Will this means that I need to have Alzheimer’s in order for me to forget it? Or, I am forgetful already, so forgetting myself won’t be difficult anymore? Or does it means something more, something deeper in its sense?

Then, I came to a point that forgetting myself (oneself) means forgetting my own plans, my own desires, my own agenda, and the way I want to live my life. I need to forget it. But, forgetting it means also that I need to entrust it. I need to entrust it to Someone who sees the much bigger picture compared to my minute understanding that underlies my selfishness. Someone who loves me and accepts me for who I am and what I am. Someone who is the Author of my life.

As I serve in the movement (Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon), it took me a long, long time to fully understand this statement. There were times where I have understood it, but then, later on, I returned to my previous disposition. Even up to this time, after serving for a while, there are tendencies still that I fail to fully become unselfish with my life. But I keep on striving on it. Especially serving as a leader, I need to prioritize the needs of my members but making it to a point that I keep myself well-connected to the One whom I have entrusted, to the Source. I need to make sure that I am dedicated to my personal relationship with Him so that there will be a continuous growth too. Moreover, so that I won’t burn out!

As I forget myself, I began to live a life always excited and apprehensive about what is about to come; On things that are yet to unfold in me by Him. Sometimes my worries get the better of me, but I always make sure that I keep my focus on Him. Rather than before, I tend to forget the beautiful things that are up ahead because of being acquainted with what’s on the side of the journey.

Also, I become much more available now in my service. I would be able to give much more balanced now with my work as a teacher and as a leader in the movement.

Carry Your Cross

Consequently, part of forgetting oneself is to carry the cross of discomfort and inconvenience on my part. Because I am living my life in a way that is not of the world. A life that is something, not my usual ways. I am always challenged to go out from my comfort zone. And going out from these entails pain. Pain due to the attachment that has been made. It is really true that going out from our comfort zones entails the courage to face, accept, and overcome the new setting. This is what we call now the courage zone. The courage to go against our human tendencies.

Whether we are in our comfort zones or outside of it, still, each one of us carries our own crosses. Because even the most successful and wealthiest man in the world carries his own cross. Maybe how he/she can maintain such success or wealth. It might be that all the more those who live in poverty carry their crosses especially on how to feed their children every day. Definitely, all of us carry our own crosses. But the Lord Himself is inviting everyone, telling everyone, to just keep on carrying it.

Carrying the cross with the Lord is much lighter. As he said, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” It is lighter because we know a definite promise that He is about to give. With His promises of a ‘future that is not of suffering but a future of success’ (Jeremiah 29:11). A future we hope to be with Him in heaven where there are no more sufferings, sadness, loneliness, fear and anxiety, no more difficult people, and our relationships with each other full of peace, love, and joy, surpassing the highest we could reach on earth.

For me, one of my current crosses is dealing with my emotions, in a way of putting it in its right place at the right time. To really just offer it to the Lord and have Him purify it and make it ready for whatever plans He has prepared. Also, there are a lot of questions I have in mind. But I make it to a point to just have it in its compartment while waiting and looking forward to the answers.

Follow Me

There were times that I wanted to give up in following the Lord. Those were the times whenever I wanted to go against the way of life in Lingkod (WOL) and pursue what I wanted. Or times I would want my human tendencies to get the better of me. But, what was amazing, He uses other people to remind me of His assuring love, acceptance, forgiveness, and mercy. That even if I would want to let go, He will remain. Below are the refrain lines of the song “I am ever with you.”

I am with you, till the end your days

I am in you have faith that I hold you,

Even when you let go and I love you

You must know I am here.

I am ever with you.

These lines always made me cry and found myself on bended knees out of reverence to Him whenever I want to give up. I am always being reminded that ‘how can I give up when the Owner of my life does not even give up on me’.


In one of my conversation with a sister yesterday, we talked about the importance of physical activity and having the right food with the right nutrition. Each of us does have the right food with the right nutrition that is intended mainly for us. But we always go beyond and even soak ourselves in the unhealthy food and even into vices. Then, I realized that God has given us what are intended for us, just the right things for us. But still, we choose to go beyond it. We soaked ourselves with the ways of the world. We have enjoyed and became comfortable with them, and made us difficult to separate from the attachments. And as we want to go back, denying ourselves, we feel the weight of the cross we carry and made it difficult for us to follow the Lord.

My invitation to you is to just keep on striving in having the Lord first in your life. You need to forget about your own agenda yet and make God’s agenda be your priority. Be of greater resolve that the cross you are carrying today, how heavy it may seem, it will be lightest that it can be as we will be in heaven. And so, just keep on keeping on, keep moving forward. Be faithful to Him as you live your life day by day. Little-by-little, you will eventually get there. What matters the most today is you choose to follow Him knowing for a fact the sacrifices that it may cost you.

Lastly, Jesus continued, “For if you want to save your life, you will lose it; but if you lose your life for my sake, you will find it. Will you gain anything if you win the whole world but lose your life? Of course not!”


Going through Uncertainties


Going through Uncertainties

(A Mapawa Adventures Reflection – April 26, 2017)

Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark. ~ Dan Millman

The past school year was full of uncertainties despite the usual detailed planning every summer. There were uncertainties such as losing the motivation to teach due to more uncertainties in the mind that paralyzes me within. In short, I didn’t understand why. But, because of faith, I was able to cope and won over those uncertainties.

There are a lot of things that are going on that I, or we, don’t understand. Maybe because of the battles we do face day by day both inside and outside. This is one of the reasons why there is a need for us to ‘sharpen the saw’, to take a rest, to take a pause, to commune with oneself and be whole again.

I am glad that this school outing, we went to Mapawa Nature Park, a place that I am not familiar with, thinking that it can be a way or place for me to commune with myself, with others and with nature.

On our way to Mapawa, we exchanged corny jokes (as always) until we couldn’t think anymore what to add to the conversation. When we couldn’t add more, the time of serenity came through sleeping. As we were about to enter the park, I was awakened by that cool and green scenery thinking of what type of adventure awaited us in this place.

Our first stop before the adventure was the orientation part, which was the most important. Listening to the masters who are familiar with the trail is really necessary. It guided us on what to expect on the trail. Listening to people who are experienced, or shall I say our leader, is very essential. They are the one who would lead us to where we are heading, ensuring that we won’t be lost and be on track.

The 300-year-old Dao tree that was in the middle of the forest reminded m20170406_084244e of principles. Even if we tend to forget them, or even choose to forget them, they will remain there as a universal truth. Eventually, people would remember and look for them where they hidden within our hearts. Aside from principles, the tree reminded me about the achievements of the school, Marywoods Academy. I believe that we have achieved a lot already for almost 15 years, and there are still more, and that is fostering the importance of character in the lives of the students. I watched a video clip of 7Habits talking about the biggest challenge in education. The challenge is not really in our curriculum or instruction, or the focus of transformation. It must be the child himself to transforming the inner self of students to become the best version of themselves. The role of the school is to continue to provide opportunities in finding that best version. I believe that that is how crucial our work is (wow!). We need to continue to stand and uphold the principles and what we believe in as a school in nurturing these kids who had been entrusted to us by God in His enterprise.

Nurturing these kids is as challenging as the next parts of the trail; water sliding, jumping, and rappelling. Such trails are we need to pass through to see what possibilities are there beyond the impossibilities that await us. It can be in dealing20170407_095657 with parents who have different ideals. It can be the Department of Education in its entirety as a department. It can be the children who are extremely different from one another whom we are yet to understand. It can even be us as a person. Very challenging trails, but worth to take.

Dealing with heights is really my fear. No matter how much I really want to overcome or not think about it, it still exists. In Mapawa, I learned that I don’t need to get rid of this fear of mine. I need to embrace it and be aware that it’s in me already. I need to face one challenge at a time, overcoming them one by one so as not to limit myself: water slide first, jumping of about 25 feet next, then lastly, rappel of about 65 feet high. I was very hesitant about rappelling that high. I thought I couldn’t do it. But I needed to for me to see what’s beyond, not to impress others, but overcome one block within me. I know within that there are still more to overcome. As Stephen Richards says, “”When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.” Yes! I can do it. I can do anything with the faith that our Maker instilled in me. Nothing is impossible with Him (Matthew 19:26). I even did the Sky Cycling in Davao and road the Zipline in Kampo Juan. I did it then. I need to believe in myself first, then others who trust in me.

Those events made me realize that I should not look below because if I do and I begin to think that it is high, that’s when my fear will overwhelm me. “Looking below” represents focusing on our own weaknesses, limitations, and even looking down on our own capabilities. I need to refocus my attention to where I am heading, where I want to be, and what I want to and can contribute to others. Maybe, in my pursuit of answering these, I can reach the pinnacle of my life. But in order for me to get there and in going through the uncertainties, I need others to make the walk worthwhile. I am not a lone soldier in this battle. I need others who will influence me both negatively and more positively. I am just grateful to people (to the school) for giving me the opportunity to be influenced and for me to influence them as well.

To end, a quote from an unknown author partially sums it up; partially because there will always be the divine intervention in everything that we do here on earth. The quote says,

“Take chances, take a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are. You learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel, always. Be you, and be okay with it.”

A Walk to Emmaus (The Journey to Bendum)

sdr“Two of Jesus’ disciples were going to a village seven miles from Jerusalem called Emmaus,…” ~Luke 24:13

Almost all of the people of Jerusalem have been talking about what had happened to Jesus’ death and His lost body in the tomb. His death on the cross brought hopelessness in the hearts of the people of Israel. The people were saddened and eventually, some returned to their old self, their old ways of living, back to their old routine. They have even forgotten the miracles and teachings He had taught them. All they can do is to talk about it as one of the most intriguing and controversial happenings in Israel.

Our life here on earth is like a walk to Emmaus. It is a long, challenging, and wonderful journey. A journey that entails a mixture of life’s wonders brought by the uncertainties of time; joys and sorrows, struggles and victories, and other conflicting meaningful experiences. All of such experiences bring thrills for personal growth, spices for a luscious meal. And sometimes these experiences bring forgetfulness in us. We become forgetful of all the wonderful and must-lived-out manifested teachings of Christ Himself. We tend to become ungrateful of all the favorable things He has given to us because the circumstances are undesirable and unfavorable. We even forget His ever-abiding presence in our life through the people we meet and talk with in our journey.

On our way to Bendum, I was lost in the path. I was riding my motorcycle and have been sdrenjoying the scenes and took photos of some, and going with the thrill of the ride in those rough and small roads then surprised with a concrete and wider roads. Upon enjoying, I was lost. But I was able to find my way through the people whom I have asked for directions. And I was able to arrive first than the car I am following. Then, at times or most of the time in our journey, it is in getting lost that we may be found, or on losing that we may gain.

Our Lord Jesus Christ manifest Himself and talk to us through the experiences we are into and to the people, we are within our life’s journey. Our experiences speak and send a message to us and the people surrounds us are being used to do the same for us, to speak and send God’s message. He uses both to bring us back to Him. There is just a constant need for us to be more sensitive to His presence and an attentive listening heart to His message. We need also to constantly open our eyes to the beauty of His creation and various situations that we may be grateful to them. Gratefulness in us is necessary for us to see and hear Him and eventually become doers of what we see and hear.

Our human tendency is to go beyond our limits. We want to go higher and to greater heights in our achievements. We want to increase more our capacity in whatever form it may be. And also to go deeper into our relationships whether to our self, family, friends and to God.

In my current disposition, I wanted to go on a deeper level of spirituality. But I don’t cofknow how. I have asked Father Pedro and he told me three things: trust, live simply, and openness. I need to trust myself with no doubting, others, and the ways of the world, and the Lord. Living simply means to always go back to my mission, my very core and greater sense of purpose. It must be the one where my actions and words must revolve. So that whenever I may have lost in the journey, I can always go back to it and be renewed by it. I need to free myself within that I may be more open to God’s works and possibilities. How can He work for me if I am not open to Him? There is that need for me to get lost of the grip in controlling my life and allowing the Lord to be the driver of it, letting Him control the throttle that I may go in His own pace.

Listening attentively to God and to let go of being the one in control of my life are acts of trusting, living simply, and being open.

This trip or walk might be long, but it will be much more worth to take having people beside you who brings spice to the journey, whether good or not so good, and to have a God who knows everything more than our human capacity to comprehend. The wonders of God are vast and His grace suffices and lasts. All we need to do is to be steadfast that we may last in this torturous, meaningful, and awesome journey.btf